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My subscriptions

Access your subscriptions

To access this page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on our website using your login and password.
  2. Once in the account dashboard, go to the Subscriptions tab. Click on it to continue.

View your license keys

When you access the Subscriptions section, a list of all your subscriptions is displayed, including subscription number, status, next payment, price and a View button. To view the details of a subscription, click on the View button.

On the subscription details page, you’ll find the following information:

Subscription information

  • Status**: Subscription active or inactive.
  • Start date**: Date your subscription began.
  • Last order**: Date on which you renewed your subscription.
  • Next payment**: Date of next payment.
  • Auto-renewal status**: Whether auto-renewal is active or not (click to change status).
  • Payment type**: Which payment is used to renew your subscription.
  • Actions**: Different actions possible on your subscription:
    • Cancel subscription: Click to end your subscription. Your subscription will remain valid until its renewal date.
    • Change payment**: Click to change the card you wish to be charged with when renewing your subscription.
    • Renew**: Click to create a new order to renew your subscription immediately, and extend access to your license.

Subscription price

Here you’ll find details of the recurring price of your subscription, including any taxes.


In the Downloads section, you’ll find details of downloads associated with your subscription, including:

  • Product name: The name of the plugin you have purchased.
  • Downloads remaining: The number of downloads remaining for the plugin.
  • Expiration date**: The date on which the download link will expire.
  • Download**: A link to download the plugin files.

Billing address

This section contains the Billing Address associated with the order. This includes the address provided during the purchase process.